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California (CA) Election Results 2010

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CA (California) Election Results 2010 and Prop 19 Results – The United States midterm elections is bleeding all red as the Republicans take control of the House of Representatives and retain a narrow margin in the Senate. In theCalifornia election results 2010, the Democrats retain control of California as majority of their candidates for the House, Senate and Governor are Democrats.

Did Prop 19 Pass in California? The final rally shows that Prop 19 results is not in favor of legalizing Marijuana use and sale in California for now. Prop 19 results tally shows 1,995,510 or 55% voting against it while 1,640,842 or 45% are in favor.

Proposition 19 would have made it legal for adults 21 and over to possess up to an ounce of marijuana, smoke the drug in nonpublic places and grow it in private plots. In addition, Prop 19 would have authorized local governments to permit commercial pot cultivation and sales. Proponents of the Proposition said that they are not conceding with the Prop 19 results and whether the answer to the question, “Did Prop 19 pass inCalifornia?” is a resounding No they would try again in 2012.

In the Senate race, incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer of the Democratic Party won over challenger, Carly Fiorina (50-45). For the Governatorial race, CAelection results shows a change of party leadership as Jerry Brown defeated GOP Candidate, Meg Whitman. Meg Whitman was severely affected by the immigration blunder she had with her house maid.

For the rest of the CA (California) Election results you can visit this LINK.

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