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The Narnia Trilogy coming to DVD and Blu-ray in France

Narnia France, broke the news that they are releasing the first three chronicles in a single set.  According to the story, Walden Media asked their lawyers to re-negotiate the distribution rights of the first two films in the saga.  It looks like that deal has gone through, at least in France.  This set will release there on April 27, also pushing back the release date of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader on DVD and Blu-ray until that date as well, over in France.

Some speculated that a trilogy set might mean that this is the “complete” series.  But trilogy means “complete” about as much as it did with the Star Wars Trilogy.  Plus, they have released two movie sets with LWW and PC prior to this.  Also, every time there’s been another Harry Potter film released, they release another collection with all of the movies so far.  In fact, they’re even doing that with HP1 – HP7.1 this spring, with a complete collection definitely coming after the release of 7.2.

So, that said, does that mean that this is complete?  Nope, it doesn’t say “complete” anywhere.  That said, we’re still awaiting word of The Silver Chair or The Magician’s Nephew.

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