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Charnita Fance5 Blog Directories That Are Great For Backlinks

I’m sure you all know that link building is a huge, important part of being a blog owner. Not only do you want to build backlinks to your blog, but you want them to be high quality and relevant. So here are 5 blog directories that are not only useful but also affordable.

Blog Hints

Blog Hints StatisticsA directory where you can submit your blog and get promoted via the latest blogs, popular blogs and top rated blog sections.

There are three pricing options: reciprocal (free); regular ($7.95); featured ($12.95). You may want to go with the regular or featured link since a free link is only active for 1 year and could take up to 30 days to get approved.

You can also use the search bar to search through the thousands of blogs listed. This is a great way to find great blogs that you may be interested in subscribing to.


BestBlogs Regular Link with ReciprocalYou can submit both blog links and articles here. In order to submit articles you must have an account and be logged into it. On the homepage you can view the latest articles, latest links, tag cloud and popular links; so there are many ways for your blog to get some attention here. They also have a search function which allows you to search through links, articles and categories.

There are four available link types: regular with reciprocal ($0.49/Unlimited); regular ($3.99/Year); featured ($19.99/Year); permanent ($49.99/Unlimited). Obviously, the best value here is a reciprocal link because it is unlimited (never expires) as long as you maintain that reciprocal link.

Please note that the first 20 submissions each day are free instead of the $0.49 fee.

Wil’s Domain

This is “a human-edited and well-categorized social/information network of blogs and Web sites in which trending topics are discussed.” You can submit your blog, RSS feed and web site (all at once). A unique feature you may notice is that at the top of the homepage they have a featured bloggers & tweeters section.

Wils Domain Featured Bloggers and Tweeters

This directory is totally free and for a limited time they are randomly selecting blogs and websites to feature in their blog posts, thus even more free promotion and backlinks for your blog! To be considered for this you just have to leave a 200 word or less comment (on the submission form) telling them about your blog or website.


You’ll need an account to submit your blog here for a standard listing (which appears to be the only type of listing offered). The fee is $1.99/year, but you really can’t beat that compared to most other directories. Plus, I’m sure this fee helps to keep out most of the spammers.

Blogarama Search Bar

You can also browse other cool, popular and top rated blogs that have been submitted to the site. As you’re browsing other blogs you can rate them on a 3-star scale. The search bar also lets you search through the nearly 199,205 (and counting) sites that have been listed. The Xfilter lets you remove or include adult listings in your search.

Lastly, not only is the listing fee a steal, but the site is very clean and loads very quickly.

Blog Rate

Along with submitting your blog, they also have blogger tools and resources plus a forum for networking and getting help with your blog. It’s totally free to submit your blog here. On the homepage you can view the newest blogs, 5 random blogs and a category cloud.

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