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Cheat Codes Empire Earth III

Suka memainkan game Empire Earth III? Anda merasa kesulitan memainkannya? Kini sobat tak perlu kesulitan lagi dalam memainkan game Empire Earth III.

Menggunakan cheat code akan membantu sobat dalam memainkan game ini, berikut adalah cheat code Empire Earth III:

Cheat Code
100,000 of all resources
all your base are belong to us
1000 more gold
1000 more wood
you said wood
1000 more rock
1000 more iron
1000 more food
boston food sucks
Building of all structures completed [Note]
coffee train
Display all codes
display cheat
Free upgrade to lvl.10 for all units (not citizens)
the quotable patella
Full map
asus drivers
Full map and all resources
my name is methos
Instant building and research
Lose game
No resources
the big dig
No gold
boston rent
No wood
uh, smoke?
No food
No iron
No rock
mine your own business
Planes refueled in mid-air
friendly skies
Remove objects from map
Restore energy to selected Prophet/Hero/Mana user
i have the power
Reveal entire map and remove fog of warn
View fish and animals
Win game
somebody set up us the bomb

Cara menggunakannya cukup simple, saat permainan (mode: Random Map) tengah berlangsung, sobat tekan [enter]. Setelah sobat menekan [enter], maka akan tampil kolom “cheat” sobat copy-paste-kan kode-kode cheat di atas ke kolom cheat yang ada di Random Map.

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