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Password Protect Widgets In Blogger Blogs!

password-protected-widgetPassword Protecting widgets sometimes becomes necessary when you want to share the content inside the widget with selected people. You can lock the widget completely and it can be accessed only with a correct password. The text inside the widget will be in encrypted form which can not easily be cracked. This works exactly the same as we did for password protecting Posts in Blogger. For this tutorial to understand you must first read the earlier one.

Live Demo

How To Lock Widgets by Adding a Password?

I assume you have already read the earlier tutorial. The steps here exactly the same as we did for hiding posts.

  1. Go To Encrypting page
  2. Enter a password in the Key box
  3. Paste the text that you want to hide in the Plain Text box
  4. Hit the Encrypt button and Copy the HTML Code
  5. Then Go To Blogger > Design > Page Elements
  6. Select HTML/JavaScript widget
  7. Paste the HTML code inside it and save
  8. You are done!

Now your users need the correct password to access the content on the hidden sidebar widget. They will only see a link saying Show encrypted text

You can hide images, text, media, whatever you want. The content on your sidebar can be a hidden message for blog authors, contributors or special visitors. I hope you make good use of this new technique. Have fun!

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